Straight Outta Napoli

Fabio Digiovanni, a pizza specialist chef, recently visited Cafe 28 Inanda to train and up skill the local staff. Fabio is one of the best pizza chefs in Naples. Because of his extraordinary skill set, he is currently training chefs on how to create authentic unique pizza using only your hands and a good pizza oven, as your tools. Constant training is what Cafe 28 is all about, so that we can deliver authentic pizza. In a recent interview at Café 28, this is what Fabio had to say about his successful pizza making career.

What are your three favourite tools you use when making pizza?

The only tools we use is hands and a bloody good oven

What are the three things anyone starting in the industry needs to know?

You need to have passion for the job, you need to be able to make sacrifices and perseverance

Which people or book have had the most influence on your growth?

La legge di attrazione is the book that gave me the inspiration on doing what I’m doing now

Talk about your biggest failures you’ve had, what did you learn from it?

That you need to touch the bottom before you can succeed

What are the most common pizza mistakes?

Any(thing can be a) mistake if you don’t respect your job

Café 28 Inanda is a contemporary local bistro based in the immaculate Inanda Greens Office Park. Escape the hustle of Sandton visit Café 28 to experience authentic Italian pizza created with the best ingredients imported from Italy.

Because we use only the best ingredients our pizzas  taste amazing, a taste that cannot be found anywhere else in Johannesburg.